Introduction to Astronomy

Astr 101 - C01

(HST image of Saturn: NASA)

Winter Semester 2014

Lab information and class web links

History of astronomy - Scientific notation - Trigonometry help - Planetary photojournal (great pics)

Planetary positions - Extra solar planets - Galaxies

Hubble Space Telescope Images

Canadian Space Agency

PowerPoint Slides

sky motion - Copernicus - Planets - Light - stellar spectra - parallax - Hertzsprung Russell diagram - stellar structure - star and planet formation -

Final exam comments

Astronomy Labs


The labs will be held in the Astronomy Lab on the 5th floor of the Classroom Building (room 508 is your destination). The labs start at 7 p.m., and run for about three hours. Specific details on the lab dates, for each section number, will be handed out in class. The lab instructions can be downloaded from the link below. The phone number for the Astronomy Lab is 585 - 4234.

Please make sure that you know which lab section you are in, and only go to the lab on your designated nights

Lab instructions

Check the weather in Regina


link to astronomy resources (give 'em a whirl).

Astronomy picture of the day


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