¨ Martin Beech

Campion College, The University of Regina.
There are a number of ways you can contact me. A few options follow:

Email: Martin.Beech@uregina.ca

Telephone: (At Campion College) 359 - 1216.

Fax: (At Campion College) 359 - 1200.

Snail Mail:
Campion College, The University of Regina,
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada S4S 0A2

Semaphore is not recommended
[I am told, however, that Semaphore in Australia is a very pleasant place to visit].

Research Interests:

And for those who are in search of other dark materials, here's a link to asteroid (12343) Martinbeech (1993 DT1)

Books you might wish to buy and will hopefully enjoy:



image courtesy of Dutch Cycle, Regina

Suggestions (mostly polite ones) on where to go from here:

  1. Physics Department U of R
  2. U of R Home Page
  3. Astronomy 101 web page
  4. Astronomy resoures page
  5. Tolkien Gateway
  6. Doctor who Online
  7. The Offroad Syndicate-ORS
  8. Hell


In terms of Philip Pullman's daemons, mine, of course, would be a Beech Marten

My wizard patronus is the burrowing owl

January 8th, 2016